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Here you can find the official news about KAAN.

Release der Alpha-Version 03.01.2018

Ab heute können ausgewählte Teilnehmer das KAAN-System testen und kostenfrei verwenden.


Download here the logos and illustrations / impressions of KAAN in the arbitrary format.


KAAN logo in SVG / 1.1 format (vector web)

The classic logo of KAAN in RGBA color with transparent background as SVG vector graphics.


Logo von KAAN
KAAN logo in PNG format (pixel web)

The classic KAAN logo in RGB color with transparent background as PNG pixel graphics.


KAAN logo in PDF / X-3 format (vector print)

The classic KAAN logo in CMYK color with transparent background as PDF vector graphics.


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KAAN logo in JPEG format (pixel print)

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Desktopbild 1 von KAAN
Desktop image 1

KAAN logo in the office, bright, connected with the communication and interaction possibilities in the net. Colored desktop image as JPG pixel fragment.


Banner 1 von KAAN
Banner 1

KAAN logo in the office, bright, connected with the communication and interaction possibilities in the net. Colored banner as JPG pixel fragment.


Screenshots/ Impressions

Screenshot 1 - Anmeldebereich von KAAN
Screenshot/ Snapshot 1

Screenshot of the login area (normal user login) from the KAAN system.


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Version #0.45 vom: 29.07.2019


For a better overview of income and expenditure, a profit and loss overview has been prepared, which lists all income and expenses in the desired period and calculates them against them. In addition, net or gross can now be specified in the document. The other value is then automatically determined on the basis of the VAT rate entered.


In the new subscription overview, the established subscriptions can be clearly displayed in a table. The subscriptions can be created, edited and deleted from here. Of course, it is still possible (and desired) that the subscriptions are created directly on a document.

Version #0.44 vom: 10.04.2019


Fixing minor Bugs. A complete List of countries has been added to all Country Selections in the System.


The dashboard now displays the added inventory and sales for each month of the year.

Version #0.43 vom: 09.02.2019


It is now possible to attach file attachments in the form of a PDF to the Exposé. For this there is a corresponding form in the general settings of the Immo module. The attached PDF will automatically be attached to all exposés - of course without a footer.

Version #0.42 vom: 05.02.2019

Real Estate

Fixing minor errors. For this it is now possible to sort the equipment via Drag'n'Drop - the shifted changed order is stored here immediately. In addition, the free texts and the e-mail text area now have a rich text editor, allowing you to format your text and access special characters using the "Character Map" tab, such as the Quadradmeter.


The email submission text area now includes a rich text editor, now allowing you to format your text and send regular "HTML emails".

Version #0.41 vom: 29.12.2018


Fixing minor bugs and optimizing the view in the Chrome browser and on the phone. In addition, the internal accounting system was introduced.

Version #0.4 vom: 04.12.2018

Module: Dashboard

Under the main settings of KAAN you can now deposit your e-mail data. In future, all e-mails from KAAN will be sent to your customers via your own e-mail inbox. Not only does this have the advantage of allowing your customers to identify you as the sender, and less likely to end up with emails in their customers' spam folder, but to automatically store the emails in their mailbox output, so the answers Your customers will also be added directly to your mailbox in the correct communication line

Module: Real Estate

Now you can easily sort your pictures in the gallery via drag-n-drop. The order thus set is automatically saved and also noted in the Exposure Editions. In addition, the expose has been extensively revised.

Module: Accounting

The layout of the edit view of a document has been improved, making it easier for users with small screens and smartphones to recognize (and, of course, edit) the data and output.

Version #0.39 vom: 17.10.2018

Module: Accounting

In general, the entire view in the processing of documents has been revised and adapted. The individual products / services can now be changed directly in the view. All changes will only be saved when a Save button has been confirmed or a status change has been made. In addition, it is now possible to give a total discount, which can be expressed in euros and percent. It is now also possible to specify directly in the document when the "expiration date / deadline" for the document expires. This setting can be entered centrally as the default in days under the bookkeeping settings.

Real Estate

In the settings, there is now the new tab "Images", in which you can set whether and how the uploaded images to the properties of KAAN should be changed / optimized. This allows image-specific options such as cropping or brightness to be adjusted, but there is now an extensive watermarking tool available. The images uploaded in the future will be automatically changed or supplemented by KAAN (not as a preview image) after uploading according to your settings. The images can now also be downloaded in the overview of a property via the "Download" button - the images in the view are all available for download in a ZIP archive after a few seconds.

Version #0.37 vom: 14.08.2018

Module: Dashboard

Now the dashboard can be customized. The individual modules can be placed freely in the grid and the desired modules can be switched on and off so that you always have the best overview for yourself.


In the system settings, authorization groups can now be created freely or the existing standard authorization groups may be viewed. Specify which subaccounts or employees have access to which resources and modules in the system. When creating or editing employees, or subaccounts, the respective authorization groups can be specified; The corresponding user will have the chosen possibilities in the system. This change has removed the separate employee areas and the separate employee login.

Version #0.35 vom: 11.07.2018

Modul: Calendar

Recurring events/Dates and event series can now be edited. Of course, it is still possible to edit the appointments outside the series individually, if some dates should be postponed or temprär details change. In the course of this work, the limit was removed when setting up new recurring appointments; As a result, recurring appointments can now be specified without an end date.

Version #0.34 vom: 25.06.2018

Module: Customers

In the overview, the "Number" column has been removed and replaced by the "Status" column with the corresponding name. In addition to the search, it is now also possible to filter the customer table according to type, status and type - so you can find your customers even faster!
The customer detail view has now been restructured into tabs to ensure greater clarity. In the new tab "Activities" you can now record and log all activities with your customers. Activities with the customer in other modules are also recorded and displayed in the customer activity list.


The previous "additional boxes" have been replaced by the "additional objects". These act like sub-objects of a particular entity (such as the addresses of a customer). This means, for example, that you could create the additional object "Calls" for your customers. In the additional object you can now create additional fields, eg "time of the call", "type of call" and "content of the call". With these settings, you could log your customer telephone calls in the future.

If you create an appointment via the customer view, the customer will now be preselected directly at the appointment.
The import function has been completely revised. Now you can search in the fields of the file to be imported and make your own specifications, which should be filled by default when importing. For example, you want to import customers who are all from the Berlin area, but this information is not in the import file. Now you can specify on import that "Berlin" should be used as the location for all imports. Just type in the desired default in the corresponding column.

Module: Calendar

Your customers' birthdays will now appear in your calendar as a daytime event in a purple tone. Click on the entry to go directly to this.

Version #0.33 vom: 18.06.2018

Module: Immo

The module has been completely translated into English. E-mails can now be created and sent with the exposé in the attachment; several people can be selected as recipients at the same time (maximum 10). KAAN now generates an exposé on request (click on Print) which represents all relevant data entered, including images (sorted and displayed according to their marking / categorization). The Import and Export function under Settings has been added, so that you can now easily import or export your data sets in the "csv" exchange format. In addition, it is now possible to add additional boxes and fields for the real estate, the equipment and the history individually.

Module: General

Removal of some bugs. Additional documents can now be included in the bookkeeping e-mail. The translations have been adjusted.

Version #0.32 vom: 12.06.2018

Module: Customers

In the overview, the column "Status" now appears. This color displays the status of the respective customer in the system (the status text is displayed on mouseover). The various statuses can be managed under Settings> Customer status.

Module: Real Estate Agent

Now the picture tab can be used to its full extent. The images are each displayed in an individual matrix. You can now be uploaded to the area via drag'n'drop by clicking on the "Add" button or by moving files from your system. Texts and the type of images can be changed directly on selection - the changes are automatically saved.

Version #0.31 vom: 07.06.2018


In all modules, entries that concern customers, dates, locations, etc. can be searched for, ie user-generated entries in each corresponding field, so that the information is faster. In this way also inputs can be completed. For optional details or specifications that do not require a mandatory assignment, the written entries can be transferred directly, without taking over a proposal from the search. In addition, a multiple selection can be made in some fields. The individual details can be removed by selecting and confirming with the Delete key, Return key or by clicking on the X symbol.

Module: Real Estate Agent

Broker book entries can now be captured more accurately. In addition, the appointment of a broker book entry directly creates an appointment with the corresponding inscription and the stored data. In addition, the images of the property can now be viewed under the tab "Images". The type of image can be selected by selecting the type by clicking on the icon top-right in the image. The image name can be changed directly below the image; By clicking outside or by leaving the area, the information is adopted.

Version #0.3 vom: 02.06.2018

Module: Real Estate Agent

The Real Estate Broker module has been added to the KAAN system, which now allows real estate agents to smoothly manage their objects and their businesses through KAAN.

Objects can be managed and a broker's book can be kept within KAAN by capturing and storing all activities around the property.

Revision of the module: Accounting

We've added usability enhancements for the mobile view, that is, the mobile and tablet view.


Memory optimization and complete deletion of all data after pressing the delete button in the object. In addition, an automatic "infinite-scroll" has been added to the tables so that more and more data is loaded as soon as they are in the window with a table view with too many entries and they have reached the end of the list - until all entries are displayed.

Version #0.28 vom: 25.05.2018


An interactive tutorial has been created which will help new users in the system. In the future, all modules will receive this manual so that all points will be clarified in advance. If you no longer want to see the tutorials, set this option in your user preferences: open user-settings

Revision of the module: Accounting

Orders can now be transferred to invoices via the action bar at the top-right of the detail view. Orders can now, in turn, be transferred from offers via the same action bar. It was fixed that in some cases the respective positions of the respective document were not taken over. In addition, invoices can now be generated from orders cyclically (recurring invoice/order) automatically at a selected key date. The invoices generated in this way are for the first time only in the status "Draft and must then be completed manually/confirmed. In addition, it is now possible to process standing orders and continuous invoices retrospectively. In addition, you can now specify a maximum validity period for each document so that payment targets and bid deadlines can be specified.

In the settings the error was fixed, that date instructions in the Nummerkreisen were converted directly from the system into the visible area-now the instructions are always visible and are only used when creating new numbers (for example, invoice number) Converted. In addition, a preview of the next numbers of the respective number sequence is displayed next to the number range heading in the settings, so that you can get a direct preview of the number ranges and their behavior. This feature responds immediately to input, so it's easy and understandable to set up number ranges.


The wish of some users was met. So it is now possible to adjust the date types or the types of appointments. From now on, you can create the types of appointments yourself and edit existing appointment types. To manage the types of appointments, go to the calendar settings on the "Appointment Types" tab: to change the calendar settings . For the icon representation of the species no more special icons are used by the user, but the native and universal emojis of the operating systems used by the users. Since each operating system represents its emojis somewhat differently, it may be that an icon is slightly different e.g. on an Android smartphone and a Windows machine, each appears/looks.

Version #0.25 vom: 17.04.2018

Revision of the module: Accounting

Internally, the incoming and outgoing documents for accounting entry have been merged. In addition, these are now merged together and in a new design on the overview page of the bookkeeping. To continue to dispel confusion between incoming and outgoing documents, they have been completely renamed and unified. With the new design in the area frequent actions can be made directly from the overview - such as the collection of payments. In order to support partial payments, now just those can be booked. The system now displays the balance on part payments and offending documents so that they can be processed and recorded faster.

Changelog in Dashboard

Now you can read changes to the system in a convenient and clear way in the dashboard, so you always directly have the changes and changes at a glance

Thumbnails in the bookkeeping system

From now on, the generated PDF documents will also be generated as an image so that a preview of the invoice can be displayed in the overview of the bookkeeping.

Version #0.24 vom: 22.03.2018

API connection and tokens

The interface and the complete token system has been redesigned. Thus, all previous tokens have become invalid. If you have already included the KAAN calendar in your native calendar, please update the link. In addition, the API system or the KAAN interface has been completely reworked. It does not require tokens and is much more complete, easier to use, and more flexible than the old interface. For more information and documentation on the KAAN interface, see: https://kaan.systems/features/interfaces.php

Better support for mobile devices

All views have been reviewed and fundamentally redesigned so they can now conveniently be used with mobile phones, tablets or other smaller devices / mobile devices.

Revision of Customer and Employee View

In the detail view of customers, all previous documents and upcoming appointments for this customer are now listed in a clear overview. The appointments and documents can now be edited or created from this view. The detail view of the staff now contains all upcoming appointments and assignments assigned to the employee. These can also be edited and created from this view.

Greater level of detail among corporate staff

The staff of the personnel, which was defined as a company, can now be generated in a stand-alone view. As a result, documents, further information, appointments and orders can be assigned directly from now on. This allows subcontractors to integrate directly into the controlling.

Module Management in the Main Settings

In the main settings, in the new Costs/Addons tab ( https://kaan.services/app/dashboard/settings ) additional modules can now be booked/added to KAAN. In the view, the modules are described and can be activated or deactivated from there to add new functionalities. On the side then possibly resulting costs to the modules are displayed clearly. The debiting and the cancellation of modules takes place monthly. The use of the modules happens directly after activation and fully automatically.

  • Fixed several small bugs
  • Icon fix for the edge browser
  • Address Recognition of Employees of Company Personnel
  • Visual change of the "Today" button in the calendar

Version #0.2 vom: 09.03.2018

Direct bug report

From now on, bugs (system errors) can be specified from all views in one unified and handy form.

FAQ and assistance anchored

Under Help/F.A.Q. Tutorials can now be viewed and new instructions may be requested

Press Releases

Download here the logos and illustrations / impressions of KAAN in the arbitrary format.

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