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Your benefits through KAAN

KAAN is not a tool that you simply pick because you need it for legal reasons or the boss has told you to; KAAN is a very simple, affordable and adaptable cloud solution for your business. Not only do you save money, you also save:

Time savings
Less administrative effort

You do not need to do research on legal relevance or make any settings you need! KAAN adapts to your needs and complies with industry-specific practices and processes. So the administration is a breeze and you can concentrate fully on your work.

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Cost savings
Free use & saving resources

KAAN is absolutely free for first use! Try it. In addition, due to the lower administration costs, you save an average of 20% of the administrative costs and are always on the legally secure side.

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Secure connection & Server in Germany

KAAN is run by a German IT company and relies entirely on servers that are localized exclusively in Germany. All data is saved and no data (even anonymized) is passed on. In addition, all connections to KAAN are through the SSL & amp; TSL encryption multiple secure.

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KAAN is a free, modular system that puts a lot of emphasis on ease of use. KAAN serves this upper a should not shower shoe in the right digitization to go - even without much effort, expertise, resources and / or appropriate specialist personnel. KAAN has become a mix of accounting tool, CRM and ERM, and is regularly updating.
The modular design allows customers to take advantage of the features they need. First of all, KAAN is industry-based; This means that the system automatically responds to the specific needs of each industry. Thanks to KAAN´s high level of user-friendliness and quality, the system can also be easily operated by laymen. KAAN supports its needs in every way.


Sammeln Sie Eingehende- sowie Ausgehende Rechnungen an einem Ort und erstellen Sie rechtliche Korrekte Rechnungen und anderen Dokumente.

Order management

Create orders with custom settings, stationery and automated processes and process them in the KAAN calendar.


Enter appointments for yourself, your colleagues and your personal calendar. KAAN helps and also links third calendars like the Google Mail calendar.

Human Resource management

Keep track of your staff and their affairs. KAAN helps you optimally with the personnel management.

Document management

You do not know how to implement document management? KAAN allows you to intuitively and easily attach your documents to any object for safe and secure storage.

Customer management

Manage your customers in a Zerntralen location and interact with them within the other KAAN modules.









Additional services from KAAN

KAAN offers numerous advantages and additional services around the product KAAN. That goes from the installation help, over our individually and completely to reach interfaces, up to the simple use of the surfaces.

Instal service

We help you with the setup - our support will set up the system according to your needs. In addition, our employees can transfer their inventory data to the system if required - so you can start directly with KAAN.

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Super easy use

KAAN is a completely new system with a strong user-friendliness in development. Thanks to innovative techniques and great features, it can also be used by all Internet-enabled devices.

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Interface connection

To be integrated with legacy systems and business processes, and to provide great additional features, KAAN provides a large interface connectivity that lets you access KAAN data from outside as well.

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Why do I need system like KAAN?

KAAN offers numerous advantages and additional services around the product KAAN. That goes from the installation help, over our individually and completely to reach interfaces, up to the simple use of the surfaces.

CRM is an established concept in today´s business world. Any company that works with a CRM system will quickly be convinced of the advantages. CRM is particularly popular in customer management in order to provide excellent service and thus to obtain an advantage over the competition. Thus, the strategic use of a CRM system increases profit in the long run.

Of course, a CRM system is not only used in customer management. Accounting, human resource management, order management, the team calendar and document management are also simplified thanks to the tool and can be used by any employee. With a good CRM system, all modules also interact with each other. Today you will learn more about customer management and how data can be effectively used with KAAN Alpha. It is important that you first find out what makes good customer service.

Customer management is an important part of any company that delivers products or service to the end customer. Think about it, your customers are used to having the choice now and quickly seeing products and services from competitors of your company online. This transparency makes it necessary for you to make a little more effort when it comes to customer management. This means that you respond to the customers and, above all, remember what the special features of different customers are, what preferences the customer has and what is important when signing contracts with certain customers. In general, a customer does not have to put up with anything today because the markets for most products and services are saturated and there are usually few differences between different providers. Put yourself in the position of the customer. It is more than easy to spend your money on the competition if you are not satisfied with the customer management and service of some companies. However, even if everything is fine, you might want to consider another vendor at the next purchase. So what can you do to keep customers in the long run and make them a regular customer?

In principle, it´s easy! The secret of satisfied and long-term customers is: go the extra mile! What do you mean with that? Here´s a simple example: Imagine going to your favorite restaurant, and most of the time, your choice falls on the same dish because you just love it. But even if your choice should fall on another main dish, would not it be convincing if the service always knows exactly what you like to order? Would not you feel special and visit the restaurant again and again? On the other hand, you may be disappointed if you´ve spent time and money there a few times and enjoyed the food, but no one would ever remember you and no one would know what to order? This might be a trigger to visit another restaurant. It´s the same with your customers! You spend money with you and possibly buy the same product or service constantly and each one feels like the first order for the customer? This will not make the customer happy in the long run and in no way give you and your company an advantage over the competition. You have the customer data stored anyway and the data is easy to see. A CRM system like KAAN Alpha, which is also connected to the other modules that are important for the ordering process, such as order management or accounting, makes customer management simple and effective. The handling and use of the CRM system is so simple that the conversion can be learned quickly for each employee. Anyone who has become accustomed to the simplified processes will no longer want to miss them. This greatly facilitates dealing with the customer and they will quickly notice the difference. Since all relevant data is stored in the customer management and can be viewed quickly, the service to the customer is automatically improved and the customers will feel appreciated and like to do business with you and your company.

Do not wait any longer! Are you wasting a lot of time trying to find a CRM system that fits your needs? Or maybe you do not even use a CRM system and work according to old processes? Save yourself a lot of time and thus money and invest in a CRM system like KAAN Alpha, which makes the difference. It´s a breeze because it´s installed by experts, is very easy to use, and provides API connectivity. This means that you can easily connect the KAAN Alpha CRM system to existing systems and business processes via an interface connection and also access the KAAN data from outside. An attractive and uncomplicated pricing model is also important to convince you to buy a CRM system. KAAN alpha offers transparent prices, which are fair and tailored exactly to your needs. If you have any questions, a competent team will assist you and help you to understand the individual modules so that you know exactly what is needed for your company and your needs.

CRM systems make everyday work easier and more effective. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it will be a breeze for all employees to manage customers and their orders. This leaves more time for personal interactions with the customer, which often makes the big difference. Good service is especially important in a world of online reviews where every business can be easily valued, like Google or various specific websites. That´s why a good CRM system like KAAN Alpha is indispensable if you want to make a profit in the long run and build up an advantage over the competition.

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